Course curriculum

  • 2
    Mastering the Buyer's Journey
    • How many touch points do you need to make a sale?
    • What is the buyer's journery?
    • How to use video in the buyers journey
    • An example of a video that grows awareness
    • An example of a video for the interest stage
    • An example of a video for the desire stage
    • Videos for the action stage
    • Who is at what stage?
  • 3
    How to talk to your Superstar Clients
    • How to talk to your audience FREE PREVIEW
    • How to find your Superstar Clients
    • Superstar Client Avatar Creator
    • Talk directly to your Superstar Clients
    • What is your audience doing?
    • Top 10 Superstar Client pain points worksheet
  • 4
    How to be the person your Superstars want to watch
  • 5
    How to hook your Superstars and get them talking to you
    • Get to the point
    • What is your call to action?
    • Call to action worksheet
    • Script template for engaging videos
  • 6
    Next steps
    • Congrats!
  • 7
    How to shoot engaging videos
  • 8
    Brighten up your videos
    • Why good lighting matters
    • What will good lighting do for you?
    • 3 top tips for better lighting
    • Great quality lighting cheat sheet
    • The lighting challenge
  • 9
    How to sound more professional
    • Why good sound matters
    • How to record better sound without expensive technology
    • How to limit unpleasant background noise
    • Great quality sound cheat sheet
  • 10
    Let your location tell your story
    • Where to film?
    • Is your background too distracting?
    • Location filming cheat sheet
    • The location challenge
  • 11
    Building trust and stronger relationships with your Superstars
    • Why you need to believe
    • How to beat nervousness
    • It's not what you say...
    • If you love it... Show it
    • The power of smiling
    • Use your NVC's to keep people watching
  • 12
    Look the part
    • What to wear
    • Do your clothes enhance your brand?
    • What should you wear for your videos?
  • 13
    Have a strategy before you post
    • Why use social media? FREE PREVIEW
    • Sell while you sleep
    • You don't need to be on every platform
    • Do you want 10x more views?
    • Three top tips for social media
    • The leverage challenge
    • When is the best time to post worksheet
  • 14
    Videos on your website
    • Video will help with SEO
    • A top tip for website videos
    • 5 Reasons to use YouTube to host your website videos
  • 15