Course curriculum

  • 1
    Instructions for this course
    • How to Use the Mini-Course Template
  • 2
    The video production process
    • This is how I know Video Strategy works
    • Keep your video production process simple
    • Make video production part of your workflow
    • What to film with?
    • How to shoot better videos
  • 3
    Mastering the Buyer's Journey
    • How many touch points do you need to make a sale
    • What is the buyer's journery?
    • How to use video in the buyers journey
    • An example of a video that grows awareness
    • An example of a video for the interest stage
    • An example of a video for the desire stage
    • Videos for the action stage
    • Who is at what stage?
    • The Challenge
  • 4
    Where to post your videos
    • Why use social media?
    • Sell while you sleep
    • Sell world wide
    • You don't need to be on every platform
    • Do you want 10x more views?
    • Three top tips for social media
    • When is the best time to post worksheet
    • Congradulations!